Kodak Black Looks Rough In New Prison Pics - Worried He May Have 'The Corona'


Prison life has not been kind to Kodak Black. Pictures of the rapper were recently released and show him as overweight in stark contrast to his medium build frame at the start of his sentence and having aged in just a short period of time.  

The jaw-dropping pictures that were released on Twitter and caused many to comment that the 22-year-old rapper looked "rough." Some even wondered whether his weathered look could be a sign of coronavirus infection.

While Kodak's new look might have caught some of his fans by surprise, his appearance may be consistent with the complaints he's made about the conditions he's had to endure while in prison. 

Kodak Black is currently serving a year sentence for falsifying information on a gun application. But since his time in jail, he says he's been beaten by prison guards, drugged, restricted from seeing his family, barred from using his phone, email privileges, and more. 

Kodak and his attorneys are currently asking for a federal investigation into his prison conditions and fans are also asking why he's in jail in the first place considering that he's a non-violent offender. Looking at his appearance as well as the impact prison has had on his career, people are questioning his sentence and whether this is another case of bias in the criminal justice system. 

Maybe Kodak Black is the new Meek Mill...