Kodak Black Could Be Freed From Prison In 2021


Kodak Black has been given another break as a federal judge ruled that his charges had been overstated.

"Federal Judge Moreno, has granted my motion on @kodakblack and states that the criminal history category 3 was overstated. This coupled with the dismissal of the Miami case, should allow #kodakblack to be moved to an appropriate prison where he can get treatement and not be 1100 miles away from his family," his attorney, Bradford Cohen wrote via Instagram.

He continued, '#prisonreform #MOVEKODAK #justicereform #fairtreatment #greatjudge ....keep up the #movekodak and make sure you let @drrandpaul @senatorrandpaul know there is a 22 year old, convicted of a paperwork crime in a federal max custody in his state."

Kodak was moved to a maximum-security prison after he claimed that the correctional staff beat him, drugged him and placed him in solitary confinement.

According to XXL, the court agreed that Kodak's history of drug use was "overly stated" and considered his criminal history a category two, despite the Presentence Investigation (PSI) report noting that Kodak's history is a category three.

". The judge agreed with me at the time of sentencing that the level three overstates his criminal history because some of his priors were for like possession of under 20 grams of marijuana," Cohen told the outlet.