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Kodak Black and rapper TI's feud just got a little more personal.

Yesterday video footage leaked which shows Kodak Black talking reckless about one of TI's daughters. It's not clear what he was saying about her, but people are speculating that Kodak was being EXTREMELY disrespectful.

Kodak was caught on camera discussing TI's step-daughter Zonnique. In the video, Kodak says something unintelligible about Zonnique. You can listen for yourself below.


Then, the 21-year-old Florida rapper explains how TI called him on the phone late at night - to discuss what Kodak was saying/doing with Zonnique.

But Kodak claimed that TI shouldn't worry because - as the Florida rapper put it - "that's not TI's daughter."

Kodak Black has been in a war of words with Clifford "TI" Harris, ever since Kodak "disrespected" the widow of rapper Nipsey Hussle. 

TI called Kodak out for "disrespecting" Lauren London - shooting his shot at the beautiful widow less than 72 hours after her husband rapper/activist Nipsey Hussle was worried.

Kodak clapped back at TI, and made derogatory statements about TI's wife and sons. Now he's turning to TI's daughter

Here is the video