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Kodak Black's defense attorneys have revealed that they will be appealing his 46-month sentence, saying that they feel he was treated unfairly by the judge.

Bradford Cohen spoke to TMZ to confirm they'll be filing legal documents, looking to get several months cut off that time. Cohen told the outlet that Kodak shouldn't have been classified as a prior convicted felon at sentencing. Cohen adds that Kodak's previous guilty pleas didn't result in convictions -- because under those deals, there would be no conviction on his record.

Kodak was sentenced to almost nearly four years in prison this month after he pleaded guilty to weapons charges stemming from his arrest at a May concert.

In December, Kodak was involved in a jailhouse brawl with another inmate and a prison guard. As a result of the brawl, the guard was sent to the hospital.

Kodak explained what happened, in a new Instagram post. Kodak claims that the guards drugged him, with an "unknown substance . . . that gave [him] an out of body experience and had [him] feeling possessed and dying slowly."

He has since made claims via his Instagram account that prison officials were "slowly" trying to kill him.