Kodak Black has finally issued an apology to Yung Miami after threatening to punch her in the face.

The rapper posted the apology to his Twitter account:

"Yung Miami, gimmicks are for suckas. As I sit back I realize how petty that move was and how as a man it's certain things we refrain from," he wrote.

Before also reaching out to Southside, the father of Yung Miami's unborn child:

"Ain't no smoke with you bra, f*ck that lame sh*t. I pray y'all have a healthy baby and a prosperous life. Besides, b*tch, we got more hits to make."

Southside had some harsh words for Kodak after he said the following in a recent freestyle released from jail:

"I bought Yung Miami a ring, she wanted 808 baby/When I see her I'ma hit that b*tch in her stomach/The way I keep my sh*t too real, they say I'm f*cking up my money."

Should Yung Miami accept Kodak's apology?