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Rapper Kodak Black went viral yesterday, when he made what many are calling "disrespectful" comments towards the late rapper Nipsey Hussle's widow, Lauren London.

Nipsey, 32, was murdered last Sunday in what police are calling an "assassination."

Kodak filmed a video less than a week after Nipsey's death, where the 21 year old rapper "shot his shot" at Nipsey's widow. In the video, Kodak said that he wanted to give Lauren a "shoulder to cry on." He then claimed that he planned on entering into a romance with the grieving widow.

Kodak now says he's sorry.

Yesterday the 21 year old Florida rapper Kodak Black made a video on Instagram Live, where he appeared to "shoot his shot" at Nipsey's widow Lauren London.

Kodak can be heard saying, "Lauren London's that baby though. She's gonna be out here single. She's gonna be a whole widow out here."

The 21 year old continued, "I'll be the best man I can be for her."

But Kodak added that he intends to be patient. He told his friend, "She probably needs a whole year to be crying and sh*t."

He claims that he's going to reach out to Nipsey's widow, and ask tell her that he can be a "shoulder to lean on."

Here's Kodak apologizing:

But that's not all he said. Kodak suggested that he "wants smoke" with rappers TI, The Game, Gillie The Kidd and others - who called him out for his disrespect of Lauren London.

Yesterday TI and Game, and other rappers made videos criticizing the 21 year old Kodak, for publishing a video that was in bad taste.

Kodak said in the video that he's NOT apologizing because of what The Game or TI said. The rapper said, "I'm not following those old clowns. I'm in Georgia PULL UP. I want the smoke."