Kobe Bryant died tragically in a helicopter accident over the weekend. And all over the world, millions of people are celebrating his life.

But not everyone wants to remember Kobe in a good way.

According to online reports, the Daily Mail is working to re-hash a controversial old story concerning Kobe and a woman named Katelyn Faber - that accused him several years ago of rape.

The reports say that The Daily Mail is working on interviewing Katelyn -  and getting her take on Kobe's passing.

Here's the tea:


The facts of the Kobe-Katelyn case are pretty straight forward. In July 2003, Kobe Bryant checked into The Lodge and Spa at Cordillera, in Edward, Colorado - as he was preparing for a scheduled surgery.

While there, Kobe, and married at the time, he met Katelyn Faber - a woman who suffered from mental illness and was previously hospitalized for schizophrenia. The two had a sexual encounter. The following day after the incident, Katelyn reported to the Eagle County police, alleging that Kobe Bryant raped her. The Eagle County Sheriff questioned Kobe, who denied the allegations of rape but admitted that he had sex with Katelyn.

Prosecutors investigated the case, and determined that they had insufficient evidence to proceed with a criminal prosecution where the burden of proof to prevail on a case is "beyond a reasonable doubt." The criminal case was subsequently dropped against Kobe.