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Kobe Bryant's memorial service will be held next weekend- and already, there's controversy.

In a shocking move, the Laker’s organization and Kobe’s family have chosen to sell tickets to the event, instead of giving them away. The money they earn, will purportedly be given to charity. But the Lakers aren't selling them to the public, Lakers' season ticket holders will get first dibs at the tickets, which can cost in excess of $200 each. 

Here's how TMZ is reporting it:

We're told tickets will be available to the general public, although there will be a number of invited guests who get tickets first, including family, friends, players, NBA officials and, we're told, season ticket holders.

We're told the seats that remain will be sold to the public at a price that reflects the memories of Kobe and Gigi. We're told one of the options being discussed was to sell the upper bowl seats at $24.02 -- 24 representing Kobe's number and 2 representing Gigi's. The net proceeds will go to a charity selected by the family. Whatever the price ends up being, our sources say it will reflect and honor Kobe and Gigi.

Folks on Twitter aren't too happy about the idea of forcing Kobe's fans to pay for the memorial service. 

Michael Jackson's service, and Nipsey Hussle's service - both held at the Staples Center, were free.