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Yesterday was the Kobe Bryant Memorial Service, at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. It was a moving event, where Kobe's wife and close friends got the chance to speak about the fallen NBA legend and his daughter Gigi.

But two people were noticeably missing from the stage - Kobe's parents.

Kobe's parents were seated in the second row of the audience, and off to the side - away from Vanessa and her daughters. And many folks on social media are upset, believing that Kobe's parents were being disrespected - relegated to the side and not given a chance to speak at their only son's memorial. 

Many fans on Twitter are accusing Vanessa If not making a concerted effort to mend things and show her husband's parents some “respect.”

Those accusations are not supported, however, by evidence. The fans don’t know what Vanessa’s relationship is with Kobe’s parents.

But it wasn't just Kobe's parent's who didn't speak at the memorial service. Neither did Kobe's sisters. 

Many fans on Twitter believe that it would have been more fitting for an immediate family member outside of Vanessa to speak at the memorial service since for them Kobe Bryant was not just a basketball legend, he was their son and/or brother.  

The memorial service was emotional and well done, but there was clearly a giant elephant in the room.