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Kiyomi Leslie has moved on from Bow Wow in the latest series of Growing Up Hip Hop Atlanta - and these pics showcase exactly what it is that her famous ex has lost.

Kiyomi left Bow Wow after a heated argument about his flirtatious ways. During this season, Bow has been getting very close to Masika Kalysha, and although Masika claims that it's all been scripted and edited, she does appear to have genuine chemistry with the "Yeah" rapper.

Kiyomi recently sat down with Bossip to open up about her toxic relationship with Bow.

"I think social media so fast for our relationship was toxic because I felt like I had to fight to prove myself and when you have to fight to prove yourself, eventually, you get tired of it. And you just say what the hell." She stated that this scenario can cause someone to "play into" the drama: "So this is who you say I am. Let me play this part then."

She added:

"He was into the antics [...] He would rather me play looking crazy than tell the world, this is not the girl I fell in love with. This is just TV."

It was later revealed and reported here on MTO that Kiyomi is now dating female rapper, Young M.A.

So could Young M.A be featuring in the next season of GUHHATL? If they're still dating, we think it's a high possibility.