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King Von's Sister: He Wasn't In A Relationship Before He Died!!

King Von's sister is claiming that he was not in a relationship before he died, and that he had no intentions of getting back with any exes.

The tweet was seemingly aimed at Von's ex-girlfriend, Asian Doll.

"Von wasn't in a relationship with nobody before he died," she wrote. "Wasn't getting back wit nobody he was living his best life f*ckin wit who eva he wanted to."

Asian Doll did admit that the pair was not together in the days leading up to the rapper's death. She opened up about finding out about her ex's death during a recent podcast interview:


"Actually when he had passed away, when they said he was in critical condition, he had already passed away," she said on Taraji P Henson's. "Somebody from the hospital got in contact with me, one of the nurse's daughters, and she was just was crying on the phone. She was like, 'Asian I'm so sorry…my grandma works at the hospital, he passed away, they put an X on his bag.' So, once they said he was dead on social media I already knew."