Bravo reality star Kim Zolciak is pregnant - there's no doubt about it anymore. The better question to ask is HOW??

Kim's husband Kroy Biermann had a vasectomy back in 2014 - so how is it possible? 

Well a snitch told MTO News that Kroy got his vasectomy reversed. A Bravo insider explained, "It's the storyline on the new season of Don't be Tardy. Kroy gets his vasectomy reversed, and Kim gets pregnant again."

Two weeks ago, Kim's daughters accidentally spilled the tea on Live. In an Instagram Live video, Kim's two oldest pointed the camera at their mom and said that she's "3 months pregnant." Kim appeared to nod in agreement, after the comment was made.


And in case you needed any more proof, here are some pics of Kim that leaked online yesterday. Clearly she's got a baby bump.


Kim is now openly hinting at the upcoming season's storyline. She told People magazine at an interview during Bravocon, "We're on the fence. I'm 41. I know the clock, it's ticking along. You'll see in about six months or so if I do decide. I'm going to have to hurry up. If we're going to do it, we're going to do it," 

And as for Kroy's vasectomy, Kim said it is "easy to fix." Speaking to People, she said they'd consider reversing the procedure or adopting.