Kim Zolciak From The Atlanta Housewives Shows Her NEW FACE . . . And It's DISTURBING!!!

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Kim Zolciak of the Atlanta Housewives has undergone MULTIPLE facial surgeries. But people online are suggesting that she may have gone too far. Yesterday pics of Kim;s face were released - and they went viral.

The former Atlanta Housewives face looks VERY different. And some on social media are saying that her head appears too be "melting." As one social media observer explained, "she looks like Squidward when he got a new face." Squidward is a popular character from the cartoon Songebob.

Here's the pic of Kim's face:


Here's Squidward's new face:


Back in the day Kim admitted to have SOME procedures, but it's clear that she's been doing much more than she lead us on to believe...

She said previously:

“OK, we'll go from the top,” Kim starts. “We all know that I wear a wig, although I have amazing hair. But it's a lot easier to just have the wig curled over here and then put on my head. I hate doing my makeup, like sitting there for an hour and then another hour for my hair? No! I'm not doing it. So, yes, this is not real.”

“I've done my lips,” she adds. “I've been getting Botox since I was young, for migraines initially and now it's the obvious reason. I've had my boobs done. I fixed my hernia and had a tummy tuck at the same time, you know, it's one in the same.”

“Oh, Ulthera!” she continues. “I just did [skin-tightening treatment] Ulthera … but it's not instant. I do like instant gratification.”

Real Housewives of Atlanta fans will forever remember the season three episode where Kim invited her co-stars over as she sat under a fat-melting laser while snacking on pizza, chicken fingers and soda.

“That's definitely, I'm still that person,” Kim shares with a laugh. “I just feel like you should try [everything]. Something will work for you, won't work for me. But that's it. I have not done anything else.”

The reality star is adamant she has never had a nose job, but does understand why people think she’s had one.