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Former Atlanta Housewife Kim Zolciak and her daughter Brielle are currently in the Dominican Republic - recovering from butt augmentation surgery.

Officially, the two ladies are on a "family vacation" - but word is that the two flew down to DR to get some plastic surgery. Specifically, the two ladies are reportedly getting fat transfer surgery in the Caribbean island.

It is widely known and even accepted that women from all over the U.S. and even the world are finding themselves in the Dominican Republic to receive their turn on the plastic surgery train. Surgeries in the Dominican Republic are significantly cheaper that those in the United States or Europe.

Additionally, Dominican doctors are more "aggressive" in what they are willing to do to women's bodies, They are not governed by the same laws and regulations that US doctors are.

Women usually take a vacation to the Caribbean paradise island for a few days. They have their surgery, and recover on the beach.

And for fat transfer surgeries - which take only about an hour to do. - the patients can be on the beach sunbathing in as little as a few hours after the surgery.

Here's Brielle's new butt:

And here's her mom Kim's:

'Dreaming Blessed and Grateful,' Kim captioned her Instagram post.

Kim had her back turned to the camera as she walked down to the crystal blue water.

The mom-of-six appeared to be topless as she shielded herself from the sun with an extra large wide brimmed hat.

According to the Daily Mail, "Zolciak also took to her Instagram story on Monday night, with a few brief videos of her daughter Biermann showing off her twerking skills.

The 22 year old reality star was wearing a Sigma Chi t-shirt pulled up over her waist and maroon sweats as she twerked.

Earlier in Zolciak's Instagram story, she captured Biermann singing and dancing along at the dinner table to a Nicki Minaj song."