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Kim Zolciak-Biermann is living a lifestyle many of us can only dream of, and the reality television star is giving props to the bullies who terrorized her throughout high school for her success.

"I always knew when I was in that far room to the right (I daydreamed all the time of exactly where I am today) that I would end up on television. I wrote in my journal at 12 [years] old 'that I will have my own show by the time I was 30,'" she recounted via Instagram.

"Well I started on [The Real Housewives of Atlanta] at 29 and got my own show [Don't Be Tardy] when I was 33! I feel so blessed and so grateful! I was bullied in school by 2 specific girls (I so bad want to say their names) and I use[d] to say to myself 'I'm going to be famous' and come back and show their asses.'"

She concluded the post, "Guess what[?] They both have reached out on Facebook to me since those horrible traumatizing high school days just like I knew they would. I'm thankful for those b*tches because they really gave me intense motivation to get to where I am today."