Kim Porter's official cause of death has been released - the Los Angeles County Medical examiner reports that she died of lobar pneumonia.

That's the same cause of death the medical examiners say killed Bobbi Kristina Brown.

In January 2015, the Fulton County medical examiner reported that Bobbi Kris' cause of death was lobar pneumonia, which resulted from the “drug intoxication” and water immersion.

When a person has "lobar pneumonia" - that means that only one lobe of a lung is involved (the right lung has three lobes; the left, two). In the days before antibiotics, pneumonia was the No. 1 cause of death. Now death from pneumonia - especially lobar pneumonia - is extremely rare.

Yesterday the L.A. County Medical Examiner released a report claiming that Kim's cause of death was "natural."

The medical examiner said that unlike Bobbi Kristina, Kim had no history of drug or alcohol abuse.

So what killed her? Well the website The Blast has a theory. Here's what they say may have caused Kim's illness:

On November 12, a doctor visited Porter’s house after she was experiencing flu-like symptoms. According to the document, Porter said she was feeling “nasal congestion, “sweats”, mild cough, body aches and a sore throat. She had a fever of 102 degrees and also noted a “mild streak of blood with phlegm” while coughing that day.. . 

One month before Porter died she had visited Africa, and many had theorized she may have contracted an illness while traveling. However, the report makes it clear she did not have any health complaints when she returned home.

Porter and the Grammy-winning rapper and producer Combs have three children, a 20-year-old son and twin 11-year-old daughters.