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Kim Kardashian was spotted out yesterday, and her pelvis appears deformed after years of butt and hip surgeries.

Kim was caught by the paparazzi as she was arriving to meet up with her sisters Kourtney and Khloe to film scenes for their reality show.

The Kardashian sisters planned to shop for baby clothing at Sap and Honey in Sherman Oaks. 

Kim was trying to show off her curves in black spandex pants, blue heels and a fluffy cleavage-baring black top.

But the pictures have gone viral - and not in a good way. People are now saying that Kim's body is "deformed."

Here are the images:


Kim has undergone multiple "fat transfer" butt surgeries. During the procedures, doctors would liposuction fat from her body and inject the fat cells into her butt and hips.

The problem with "fat transfer" surgery, is the fat cells will remain where you put them. And if the woman later loses a lot of weight, she's left with a disfigured body - like Kim's.