Kim Kardashian's CHICKEN LEGS . . . Appear To Be BENDING . . . Under The Weight Of HER BUTT

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Kim Kardashian's legs look way too skinny for her giant butt - and they appear to be BOWING as a result. Kim new body looks very STRANGE.

New pics released yesterday show reality star Kim Kardashian leaving the Saved By The Max pop-up diner that is based on the popular TV show Saved By The Bell in West Hollywood. Kim enjoyed lunch with her sisters Kourtney and Khloe while they filmed their show.

But it was her SHAPE that has people talking. Look at how TINY her skinny legs are . . . compared to that giant false butt.


Kim has been promoting her new fragrances recently, particularly on Instagram. The KKW Beauty mogul, 37, who launched three new Kimoji-inspired fragrances Wednesday, is taking advantage of her famous figure to promote the perfumes on social media. She shared the following booty pic:

TMZ reports her brand brought in $5 million within the first five minutes of sales yesterday, although KKW Fragrance declined PEOPLE’s request to comment on the launch’s numbers. But despite Kardashian West’s successful line of perfumes, the star now has another lawsuit on her hands.