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Kim Kardashain is going viral again this morning, but not for the right reasons.

Yesterday, the 37-year-old reality star was spotted walking around Calabasas wearing biker shorts. And many on social media are commenting on her body, and the way it looks.

A surprising number of people are calling the Kardashian beauty's body "deformed" after years of plastic surgery.

In addition to the countless procedures done to her face, Kim has undergone at least a dozen fat transfers operations. During those operations, doctors liposuction fat from Kim's body, and injected it into her butt.

While fat transfer surgeries are typically considered safe, doctors say that over time the fat can "settle" and leave the patient with a deformed butt.

Unfortunately that's what appears to have happened to Kim.

Here are the pics that have her going viral.


Earlier this week the new trailer for season 16 of Keeping Up with the Kardashians dropped on Wednesday, and the drama is never-ending. From Khloé Kardashian‘s tears over Tristan Thompson‘s cheating scandals to Kylie Jenner‘s cryptic reference to “the light at the end of the tunnel,” it’s looking like this could be the most explosive season yet.

In the trailer, Kim Kardashian can be heard saying “moving to Chicago might be my breaking point” over a clip of her with husband Kanye West.

West, who was raised in Chicago, has previously suggested that he’d like to move back to the city — but it seems like his wife was never onboard.

However, a source told PEOPLE on Wednesday that the rapper now “seems happy in L.A.” The source added: “Kim was never going to move to Chicago and hoped that Kanye would change his mind quickly, like he usually does when he gets spontaneous ideas.”