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Kim Kardashian Tries To DISTRACT From CRAZY KANYE'S Downward Spiral . . . By Releasing MORE Nekkid Pics!!!

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Kanye West's career - and his apparent mental health - is spiraling downward. With his life and career in UTTER CHAOS, and his reputation in SHAMBLES on social media . . . his wife Kim is doing everything she can to draw attention AWAY.

And she's doing it the only way she knows how. Early in the week, she released a few SUGGESTIVE pics of her body. Now she released a couple of FULL ON NUDES.

Here is the first new pic

Here s the second new pic

Here is the third new pic

So far it's not working, because Kanye is getting VICIOUSLY DRAGGED through the mud on social media.

The pictures Kim posted earlier in the week were for her business, we reported that:

Kim posted a pic of herself on The Gram—wearing nothing but silicone gel. According to Kim, she used the silicone to take a mold of her body - which will later be used to create a new perfume bottle. The perfume is supposed to be called "Body" and is supposed to release next week.

People have been coming for Kim over the past few days becasue her new perfume bottle looks eerily similar to the FAMOUS and iconic JPG body fragrance.

Kim explained that she didn't take the idea and that she's has inspiration for years... She told Allure Magazine:

"I love the Jean Paul Gaultier bottle, and I totally get the reference; and I knew people would say that, but I just love [my perfume bottle] so much....I just thought it was just really fitting for me, personally."