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Kim Kardashian Returns To L.A. After Emotional Showdown With Kanye West

Kim Kardashian has returned to Los Angeles after pictures of her emotional showdown with husband Kanye West flooded the internet.

Kim flew out to Coty, Wyoming and the pair were snapped talking in his SUV. At one point, Kim was in floods of tears while Ye looked unmoved.

According to a source close to Kim, she just wants him to be well again.

"Kim flew to Wyoming Monday to see Kanye after weeks of trying to get ahold of him and having him agree to see her," a source told ET. "The meeting was extremely emotional as the couple has a lot to work through now and most importantly making sure Kanye is healthy."

"Kim is still very upset with Kanye but she knows she needs to focus on him getting better," the source added. "Kim plans to do whatever she can to help Kanye get the help he needs."