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Kim Kardashian Reportedly Feels 'Trapped' In Marriage To Kanye West

Kim Kardashian is reportedly feeling "trapped" in her marriage to Kanye West, who is rumored to be going through a bipolar episode.

Kim traveled to Wyoming this week, only to fly right back to Los Angeles after being seen crying in an SUV with Ye during what seemed to be an emotionally-charged conversation.

"Kim feels trapped," a source told PEOPLE. "She loves Kanye and she thinks of him as the love of her life. But she doesn't know what to do."

The source added, "Kim was thinking that they need to be apart.She knows that it's not healthy for her to be around him now, and it's honestly not healthy for the kids. He needs to get his stuff together before he can be any sort of partner or father.

"Kim wants the best for Kanye," they continued. "And she will always want what's best for him."

Despite his public apology to Kim, Kanye currently seems to be ready to get out of his marriage.