Kim Kardashian Releases MORE NEKKID PICS . . . Hopes To Move On From Kanye DRAMA!!

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Kim Kardashian has been doing absolutely ANYTHING to change the subject - and draw away from all the negative reports surrounding her husband Kanye West.

Since making OUTRAGEOUS statements on TMZ - where Kanye said Black people "chose" to be slaves, Ye has been taking a lot of heat. Prominent Black leaders are considering a boycott of Kim's husband.

A Keeping Up with the Kardashians source told PEOPLE Kardashian West “happily joined Kanye in Jackson Hole.”

“She wants to be supportive so he can finish his album,” the source said. “The album has caused Kanye a lot of stress. He is a perfectionist and wants the music to be amazing. 

Kim is absolutely concerned about Kanye,” the insider continued. “She likes being in Jackson Hole so she can keep an eye on his health. She wants to make sure he eats and sleeps enough. She doesn’t want him to push himself beyond his limits. She wants a healthy Kanye.”

And while all this is going on, Kim is in the middle of launching a new product line. Including a brand new perfume.

So Kim's doing whatever she can do to try and change the subject. And she leaked some new pics - from the making of her new perfume bottle

Here is another pic

Here is the second new pic

Here is the third new pic

Say what you want about Kim's husband . . . but she looks GREAT in these images.

Kim was recently with Kanye in Wyoming as he puts the final touches on his upcoming five albums he is preparing to release next month. But reports said that Kim recently flew from Wyoming to Las Vegas so she could attend a High School reunion and a Cher concert.