Kim Kardashian OUT WITHOUT Underwear . . . And Her BUTT Is Dragging Behind Her!!

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Kim Kardashian now needs to wear underwear - to stop her butt from sloppily dragging behind her. Kim's body is finally starting to BREAK DOWN after multiple butt surgeries. She's been getting butt augmentation now for almost 10 years.

Kim started off getting "fat transfers" from her thighs and stomach to her butt. Then she moved on to BODY SCULPTING surgeries - where he butt got shaped by a surgeon. Then it looks like she had some other foreign matter surgically implanted into  her butt.

At first, the operations made her have an ENVIABLE body But after 1 years of drastic surgeries - it looks like her cakes have finally GIVEN UP. Look at how her butt looks like - when she 's not wearing drawers.


Kim may have also slickly revealed the middle name of her youngest daughter Chicago West. The "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" star uploaded an image to her Instagram account on Monday of the six-month-old pulling a face at the camera, alongside the words "Chi" and "Noel" punctuated by love heart emojis.

It implies the baby girl's middle name is the same as Kim's, whose full birth name was Kimberly Noel Kardashian before she married Kanye West and legally dropped the "Noel" counterpart.