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MTO EXCLUSIVE: Kim Kardashian Was NOT INVITED To Ciara's Wedding . . . And We Have The EXCLUSIVE TEA!!


Kim Kardashian was NOT INVITED to her former best friend Ciara's wedding - and that's because of Kim's husband Kanye. According to's insider, Kanye and Cara have had a FALLING OUT ever since Ciara refused to attend Kim's wedding.

The insider explained, "Ciara was suppose to be in Kim's bridal party, but she gave birth [to baby Future] a few days earlier. Kim was very understanding but Kanye wasn't."'s snitch continued, "Kanye cursed out Ciara for trying to mess up Kim's wedding - and Ciara cut BOTH OF THEM OFF."

We're told that Ciara has absolutely NO INTEREST in being in the same room as Kanye.