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Kim Kardashian is going viral this morning - for wearing a dress last night that many on social media are saying looked "terrible" on the reality star.

Kim Kardashian was spotted by the paparazzi as she enjoyed dinner at Craig's restaurant in Los Angeles.

Kim went out for dinner after attending the 5th Annual Hollywood Beauty Awards.

And look at the dress that she chose to wear. The reality starlet wanted to make sure that all eyes are on her at the event.

The mother of three left little to the imagination donning a black strapped dress that puts the models sensational figure on full display.

Here are some of the comments that fans had:

"Oh for the love of god, what is she wearing! Doesn't she have a stylist or a friend who can say 'no. No, just NO'! I bet it's her husband who dresses her like this, just like his clothing range, made for people who are fashion blind."

"She looks insane!"

"Don't her breasts hurt in that dress?"

The nature of the bondage-inspired dress meant that wearing a bra was impossible, meaning that Kim appeared to narrowly avoid a major wardrobe malfunction:


At the show, Kim attended with her friend and hairdresser Chris Appleton, to whom she presented the Hair Dresser of the Year Award. 

"I’m so excited to announce this award because I respect glam teams so much,” Kim said at the podium. "They give us life. They truly mean so much to me and so many people in the industry have become some of my closest friends.”

After Appleton picked up the award, Kim declared into the microphone, "This man changed my life, so I’m so proud of him!"