Kim Kardashian Looks EMBARRASSED By Kanye . . . Ready For DIVORCE???

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Kim Kardashian appears to be exasperated by her husband's EXTREME Anti-Black political stances. And some are wondering - if she's ready to DROP HIM yet.

Kim and Kanye were spotted arriving at their hotel in NYC after Manye had a disturbing outburst while appearing on Saturday Night Live. Kanye was wearing a red MAGA cap matching his jacket.

Last night, Kanye was booed by fans at Saturday Night Live - for going on a pro-Trump rant that openly BASHED Black people. Many are saying that Kanye "crossed over" into a dark place yesterday.

According to TMZ:

Kanye said he was pressured not to come on stage wearing what is now his signature "Make America Great Again" hat. 

He complained the liberal news media along with others were painting a one-sided picture of the political and social landscape in America. Kanye vowed no one would tell him what he could say or think. 

He mocked those who said he was in a "sunken place," and then broke into song.

Host Adam Driver reportedly walked off stage after he awkwardly stood in the corner.

And Kim Kardashian looked visibly disturbed by the changes that her husband has been making - in recent months. She has been silent for the most part, about his politics.

But last night's rant appears to have really affected Kim. Look at her face: