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Kim Kardashian NOW BLACK . . . Gets EXTREME Tan . . . And BRAZILIAN WEAVE!!


Kim Kardashian stepped out in Paris yesterday with a new look - and it was pretty extreme. You see she's been TANNING a lot recently - and well. see for yourself.

Kim stepped out wearing a GIANT long weave and her skin color was VERY DARK. In fact it was so dark, at first glance she looks like she could be BLACK.

The comments about Kim's new look have been mixed. Some people LOE her dark new complexion - saying that it works for her face and body type.

But others are CRITICIZING Kanye's West - saying that she is using the tan to "appropriate" Black culture somehow. Ones social media poster said, "Kim has appropriated our men . . now she's appropriating our skin."


People Mag recently reported that, "According to Kim Kardashian West, her three kids with husband Kanye West— daughters North, 5, Chicago, 5 months, and son Saint, 2½ — are pretty much in the dark about their mom and dad’s level of fame."

“It’s pretty intense, but at home I’m not known,” she recently told ITV’s This Morning. “My kids have no clue what’s going on. So I don’t really feel it — I spend most of my time at home

When it comes to her mom and sisters, however, 37-year-old Kardashian West said they do reflect on how much their lives have changed in recent years.

“We do talk about how crazy our life has been over the past decade,” she said. “And we’re so grateful. We’re so appreciative, and I mean, we’re still exactly the same.”