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Kim Kardashian has spoken out to deny that there is any friction between her and fashion icon, Naomi Campbell.

“Her and I have talked about it and laughed that it has become such a big deal, because I’ve always been so upfront with her privately about how she is my forever fashion and glam muse,” Kim told PEOPLE. 

“She is literally one of the most beautiful, iconic people that inspires me fashion- and beauty-wise.”

She also said: “I’m super blessed to have a relationship with the designers where they’ve been able to let me borrow some of those exact looks,” the star said.

Fans have been noticing for quite some time that Kim has stepped out more than once in outfits near identical to some of Naomi's classic looks and have been speculating over whether there is an ongoing feud between the pair. 

But Kim says there is no feud and that Naomi has given her the green light.