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Kim Kardashian posted a video defending her sister Kylie Jenner over backlash she received from a poorly executed skincare tutorial she posted to promote her new 'Kylie Skin' line.

"I'm gonna teach you guys how to do a tutorial on how to wash your face, and b*tches I only have 10 seconds. What [else] do you want me to do in 10 seconds?" Kardashian said while using a filter on Instagram Stories. "I would have done the same exact thing."

"So, guys, what is the big deal here with a 10-second video? That’s all she's got," she added.

In the original tutorial, Kylie, also using a filter, washed her face with a product before wiping her face on a white towel. At the end of the brief video, Kylie's towel was left looking not so clean - covered in foundation.

"Alright, after that 10-second face wash tutorial this is now what I look like. I have such a youthful complexion now," Kim said in her video. "Kylie Skin is the fountain of youth people! All you need is three seconds! I didn't even need a whole 10 seconds. I now look like a baby! I love this Kylie Skin."