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Kim Kardashian is reportedly tired of Kanye West's ways and is once again considering divorce.

According to RadarOnline, a source close to Kim spilled the tea.

“The more crap Kanye talks, the more and more Kim feels unsafe,” the source told them.

“Kanye continues to throw Kim and her family into the fire, and she is constantly getting threats and harassment. It is just past the point of getting old, and Kim is so fed up with all of this,” the source added.

Last week on Twitter, Kanye aired out Drake, trashed his brother-in-law Travis Scott's song "Sicko Mode" and accused Drake of threatening him and his family in a social media rant which lasted for hours.

Kim is allegedly conflicted about where she stands and is working hard to figure it all out.

“Kim is forced to defend Kanye over and over even if she doesn’t necessarily agree with his stance,” the source told Radar. “He just tells her what she needs to say, and most of the time she doesn’t even know what she is defending him about.”

It's hard to actually picture Kim walking away from Kanye, but if the tweets are this intense online, we can only imagine what living with all of the drama and chaos feels like.

We hope they work it out. Perhaps a social media ban for Yeezy would help?