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Kim Kardashian 'Completely Smitten' w/ Pete Davidson

Things between Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson appear to be getting serious fast after they were spotted out on a rooftop having dinner again. Kim is reportedly "smitten."

"She is completely smitten with him and this is escalating. Kim knew that he had something planned but she was completely blown away when she saw what it was," a source told HL.

 "She hasn't had a man do anything this romantic for her in years since Kanye and Kanye was always trying to win her over with money."

Kim filed for divorce from Kanye West earlier this year. Ye moved on to date model Irina Shayk before splitting weeks later. Pete is the first man Kim has dated since her split from the rapper.

"Pete is trying to swoop her off her feet and with the roses and everything and he is doing a very good job at it," the source said.

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