Kim Kardashian Celebrates 'SNL' Hosting

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Kim Kardashian has spoken about her recent hosting of Saturday Night Live after it was hailed as a success.

"Sorry I needed a few days to decompress! I can't wait to share my incredible SNL content with you over the next few days. Hosting Saturday Night Live was probably one of the best experiences of my career!" she wrote in the caption.

The post featured several pics of her on the night.

"The amount of work that the entire @nbcsnl team puts in to make a show like this even possible is unmatched! I'm forever grateful for this experience and to everyone that supported me and worked so hard to make this all possible! Thank you! If you missed the show it's now streaming on @hulu"

Almost all of Kim's family showed up to support her, even her estranged husband, Kanye West. It was rumored that the pair were getting back together, but they both stayed in separate hotels in New York.