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Kim Kardashains Poses NEKKID On The Beach . . . And Now She's Shaped . . . Like A Bottle Of E&J Liquor!!! (PICS)


Just days after Kim Kardashian and Kanye West welcomed their third child - Chicago West - to the world via a surrogate, Kimmy was spotted posing for a bikini shoot in Malibu yesterday.

Wearing a see-through white dress and nude panties, Kim left nothing to the imagination. Compared to some of the recent posts on her Instagram page, this photoshoot is G-rated.

Kim’s been doing the whole “sexy” modeling shoot now for about 10 years (when she isn't busy appropriating Black culture) – and it’s almost time for her to hang it up. She can hand the baton over to her two, much younger siblings - Kendall and Kylie - and raise her babies free from the glare of social media and the paparazzi. Y'all know she won't do that though...

A mother of three and a "role model" to many young fans across the globe, methinks the big-bootied Kardashian needs to try and find a way to stay relevant that involves keeping her clothes on! Even her new campaign with Calvin Klein involved the Kardashian klan in their BRA and PANTIES!

The poor thing's former Coca-Cola bottle shaped bod now looks like a bottle of E&J liquor. Perhaps there's an endorsement deal in their somewhere?

We have several of her Malibu bikini snaps below. What do you think? Are you loving these? Do we want more nekkid photo shoots from Ye's wife or should Kim finally retire those ever-evolving cakes?

Here is the first pic

Here is the second pic

Here is the third pic