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Kim Zolciak-Biermann from the Atlanta Housewives continues to change her look. After multiple surgeries and excessive tanning, many on social media claim that the reality star looks like a "Black woman," or at least "Ethnic."

Kim is currently trending on Twitter, after pics of her new "ethnic" look leaked.

The Caucasian Atlanta Housewife has openly talked about her multiple plastic surgery operations - she's had multiple tummy tucks, implants, and liposuctions.

But her latest procedures seem to be geared not just to changing her body - but her ethnicity as well.

Kim recently had another surgery - to increase the size of her lips. And the result is dramatic.

Here are her new lips:

And she's also working to darken her skin also. Kim used to have a very fair and pale complexion. But not anymore.

The Atlanta Housewife recently went through extreme measures to change her skin color.

One online mag claims that Kim has reportedly started taking tanning pills while sitting out in the sun and sunbathing. The results are pretty dramatic, look:

To put in context how much she's changed - here's what she used to look like.


Kim Zolciak-Biermann is happy to share all the details about her plastic surgeries, and now her daughter Brielle Biermann is doing the same.

The Don’t Be Tardy stars talked to PEOPLE Now about why they went for their procedures.

Zolciak-Biermann, 40, says that she opted for the injections on her face, but her tummy tuck was out of necessity.

“I had a major hernia after my twins, so I had to have it repaired regardless, and they do it the same way almost as a tummy tuck, so I said you might as well do the repair, and I mean it was covered by insurance and the whole nine yards,” she says. “So I don’t know that I honestly would’ve done a tummy tuck, I feel like my stomach was pretty good, but I’m open with [her plastic surgeries].”