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Kim Kardashian has denied Ray J's recent claims about her, calling him a "pathological liar."

The news comes after UK newspaper The Sun published a story about the pair, claiming the new father spilled the tea about their s*x life to partygoers in London last week. 

The allegations were that Kim possessed a Louis Vuitton trunk of s*x toys, spent $100,000 on thongs and would pause during s*x to touch up her makeup. 

A fan on Twitter, reveling in the tea, tagged Kim in the post, saying, "RayJ constantly revealing all these intimate details about @KimKardashian shows that he is suffering from low self esteem! Hoping that Kanye ignores his ass."


Kim swiftly shut it all down when she responded to the tweet, saying: "Or shows he’s a pathological liar 😂😂😂 you actually believe this story? It’s too funny to me!"

Oh dear. We eagerly await Ray J's response. And if we know Ray J like we think we do, it's coming...