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Kim And Kanye Possibly Heading For DIVORCE . . . Kim Sends Signs . . . She's READY TO LEAVE!!


MTO News has been hearing whispers for months, that Kanye West and Kim Kardashian are headed for divorce. But now it seem like those whispers are turning into SCREAMS.

Kim Kardashian is currently in Miami and according to some people - she's sending signals that she's ready to DUMP her MAGA-loving maniac husband Kanye. What are the signs, you ask? Well it's the COLOR that she's been choosing the last couple of days.

During Kylie's 21st birthday party a couple of weeks ago, Kylie decided to "color code" the event. Everyone that was single would wear yellow, everyone that was taken would wear pink, and everyone in a "complicated" relationship would wear green. Here's a sign that was at Kylie's party:


Well for the last two days while in Miami Kim has been wearing EXCLUSIVELY green.

Actually it's more than just that. Kim didn't get just wear GREEN yesterday in Miami. She wore a green dress, with green underwear, and was driving a GREEN CAR.


And the day before she wore neon green hair, and drove a green Lamborghini:


People are saying that hiss Kim's subtle way of telling the world - that her marriage to Kanye is now "complicated."