Kim And Kanye ARGUE On Her E! Show . . . Divorce Seems IMMINENT!!!

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The last time Kim Kardashian was discussing "arguments" with her husband on her E! Show - she ended up divorcing Kris Humphries.

Last night on Kim Kardashian's reality show, she was filmed talking with sister Khloe. In the discussion Kim explained how she was unhappy with Kanye, and said that the two we're having "trivial" arguments.

In the show, Kim and Kanye argued - because he asked her to go to the store and buy him some "Black" skin color band-aids. Kim told her sister that she believed Kanye was being unreasonable and petty.

For the past year, many in the media has been speculating that Kim may be preparing to divorce Kanye. Kim, who is on her THIRD marriage, has a reputation of DROPPING husbands - when they no longer help her image.

And Kanye has become a DRAG on his wife's image. His popularity has plummeted ever since he started embracing anti-Black political positions.

Many onlookers believe that Kim is laying the groundwork for an EPIC divorce with Kanye.

Just this past weekend Kim appeared to be exasperated by her husband's EXTREME Anti-Black political stances. which led some to wonder - if she's ready to DROP HIM yet.

Kim and Kanye were spotted arriving at their hotel in NYC after Kanye had a disturbing outburst while appearing on Saturday Night Live. Kanye was wearing a red MAGA cap matching his jacket.

Over the weekend, Kanye was booed by fans at Saturday Night Live - for going on a pro-Trump rant that openly BASHED Black people. Many are saying that Kanye "crossed over" into a dark place yesterday.