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Killer SIDE CHICK Released From Prison Early . . . Serving 2 Years . . . Of 13 Year SENTENCE!!!


Two years ago Kayla French was arrested for stabbing a man's girlfriend four times -- including once in the heart -- in front of the victim's 4-year-old daughter. According two reports, Kayla was believed to be the man's side chick.

The innocent victim's name was LaTosha Balams, and she was given less than a 5% chance of survival. Amazingly, LaTosha pulled through. She underwent 13 surgeries -- including two open heart surgeries. And it's been a very rough road.

That's why she is so devastated to learn that Kayla was being released from prison after only serving 2 1/2 years of a 13-year plea deal.

LaTosha's father is quoted as saying, "People are serving many, many years for non-violent crimes and still can't go home... Getting denied over and over. What is so special that Kayla is coming home in two years," 

It took two years for the case to go to trial. During that time, French was free on bond. She was initially charged with attempted murder, but ended up taking a plea deal for first degree assault. According to the Alabama Department of Corrections website, French's minimum release date was supposed to be March 12, 2020.

"It's too early... It's too early. Two years -- just two years ago we were sitting in the courtroom facing her and her family... I'm wondering what is the justice system thinking," said Shannon Balams, victim's sister. 

According to reports, "On top of prayer, for the last two weeks LaTosha's family has been writing letters to everyone -- including the governor -- wanting to be heard.

"We're not asking anymore than her family would be asking. If the shoes were reversed and it was my child -- if it was LaTosha that had done this to Kayla -- they would be sitting on this very couch asking for the same justice."