SHOCK VIDEO: KILLER COP AND HUSBAND Caught On Tape . . . STRANGLING Mexican Man . . . While People Try And STOP THE 'MURDER' From Being Taped!! (It's a MODERN DAY . . . LYNCHING)


A Twenty-four-year-old Mexican man named John Hernandez was strangled to death, by the husband of a Harris County sheriff's deputy as the female officer stood by and watched. That's what new cellphone footage released Monday appears to show.

Attorneys representing Hernandez and criminal law experts say the video provides enough probable cause evidence to arrest and charge Terry Thompson, 41, the husband of deputy Shauna Thompson, for his role in Hernandez's death.

As the video progresses, many unidentified people try to block the camera man's view, telling him that it's illegal to record the fight.

"Why are you recording," one woman yelled.

"If you continue recording, you will go to jail," another man tells the videographer.

It's not clear what role the victim's RACE played a part in this incident.