Four Women With Kids By the Same 'Deadbeat' MAN . . . Are Being Praised for Viral Family Photo!! (Details)

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Four women - who all have multiple children from the same man - posted a "family pic" on social media and it went viral.

It's really AMAZING that the women are so close. Three of them, at some point, were pregnant at the same time. All of the kids in the below pic - minus the little girl - all have the same father.

Of course, social media weighed in and their responses were across the board:

"Black women coming together for the bigger picture I respect it 💯"

"I hope he’s taking care of them... cause that does matter, otherwise I commend these young women for putting their children first and looking over all the drama...I hope they continue to raise their kids together and lookout for each othet"

"Hummm well I can tell he’s a dope boy... obviously not the best in looks... he doesn’t spend much time with his children but he does provide and he’s a boss when it comes to his chicks... if you like drama you will not get any 💴.... at least his children know one another and realize the importance of unity in family"

"Why is y’all talking sh*t half the females can’t even do this n f*ck the daddy if u ion see em why ask it’s clearly they got it without him 🤷🏾‍♂️"

Whatever people feel about it, at least they are making what could have been a life filled with drama, a happy, loving environment for their kids.


People were very supportive of the moms.


They asked about the father:


The father now uses his babys mama's pic as his Facebook home page: