Blac Chyna's ex, Kid Buu is still fuming about his hostile breakup with Blac Chyna, and posted yet another jab on Instagram.

The rapper posted the following message to Instagram:

“Your mother was right. You did invited the devil into your Home… only thing is the devil isn’t me.”

He is, of course, referring to last year when Chyna's mom Tokyo Toni‘s called Chyna a “demon child.” 

But Chyna was not too fussed about it all, and responded with this very simple response:

It's time for the couple to block one another on social media and go about their separate ways.

Buu and Chyna's relationship ended recently after a physical fight broke out while the couple vacationed in Hawaii. It was reported that Buu choked Chyna and pushed her up against a wall. He denies putting hands on Chyna.

"I’m gonna let you know right now it’s bullsh*t. My mother, my mom raised me better than that. I will never put my hands on a woman. Never have I, and never will I. Never in my f*king life," he said on Instagram following the incident.