Khloe Kardashian was embarrassed two weeks ago, when NBA star Tristan Thompson, her baby's father, was caught hitting on her little sisters best friend, Jordyn Woods. Now Khloe's out for revenge, and she's not playing fair.

According to multiple online reports Khloe is keeping Tristan away from their daughter True, as a way to get back at her cheating ex.

Here's how Radar Online is reporting it:

Khloe is trying to prevent Tristan from seeing True and it is really starting to p**s him off.”

“He is her father and he is furious that she is trying to use True as a pawn in her game! Tristan understands what he did wrong but he just really feels like it is unfair of Khloe to try and put True in the middle.”

The report says that Khloe intends to file for sole custody of their daughter, and make the cheating NBA baller's life HELL for the next 18 years.

Kardashian, 34, also posted two messages to her Instagram Story alluding to the breakup on Thursday night.

“What if I told you that every single thing that has happened to you has happened exactly as it was meant to?” one passage read. “I know there are cracks in your spirit from losses too great to name, and hurts from people who should have kept you safe. But those cracks created a warrior.”