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Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson had a very messy breakup, and now it's about to get even messier. According to a new report, Khloe wants to remove all custody from Tristan.

Khloe is said to be preparing to get sole custody of their daughter True, after catching her fiancé Tristan cheating with her sister's best friend Jordyn Woods.

The report says that Khloe feels that Tristan's reckless cheating had became too much, when it involved family friends.

Although Khloe still wants Tristan to be involved with regular visits, the report claims that Khloe wants sole custody of their daughter.

Khloe reportedly believes that with her as True's only custodial parent, that would ensure she’s always the primary person in True’s everyday life.

'Khloe worries about her daughter’s future and is prepared to fight to maintain custody of her only child,' a source close to the Kardashian family told the website 


There isn’t any better benefit of them reuniting than for their daughter, True, to have her natural father in the family. Despite the initial thought Tristan wasn’t the true father, it turns out he really was.

Some might say he was doing ok as a father based on past family photos of them in happier days throughout 2018. However, Khloé hasn’t been too happy lately about Tristan making no effort to see his daughter after the breakup.

Maybe you can argue he can’t because the sparks would fly again. In any case, we know it’s tough for a child to not grow up without a good dad. Because Khloé is also priming her daughter for stardom, having both parents there for support would prevent any sort of tragic Hollywood tale all over again.