Khloe Kardashian's initial reaction to the Jordyn Woods/ Tristan Thompson cheating scandal.

"I am broken by so many things," Khloe is heard saying off camera. Momager Kris is then seen talking to Kylie Jenner, the former best friend of Jordyn. "She f*cked up," Kylie says cooly.

Kim Kardashian is then seen saying "one day she's just going to explode," before we see Khloe reacting to Jordyn's 'Red Table Talk," screaming "Liar!" into her phone.

It all seems very well choregraphed, and though cheating is never good - the clip is laking any pure emotion.

We all knew the moment was coming where Khloe was going to milk the situation for everything it is worth - but Khloe needs to remember that she hooked up with Tristan while he was with his pregnant baby mama - Jordan Craig. Kylie Jenner also did the same thing to Blac Chyna while she was with Young Money rapper, Tyga.

Watch the clip below.