Khloe Kardashian has been through a lot over the past year or two, and according to a recent report, the reality television star has turned to hypnotherapy to help her cope.

"She's tried so much other therapy and figures it's worth doing this if it helps her feel less insecure the whole time," an insider revealed to Radar. "Even with so many positives in her life, Khloe's constantly moping around and she's tired of feeling inadequate and anxiety-ridden."

Last year, Khloe faced public humiliation when it came out that her then-partner, Tristan Thompson had kissed her baby sister's bestie, Jordyn Woods. The Kardashian worked hard to turn the public against Jordyn, but after a very candid interview with Jada Pinkett Smith on The Red Table Talk, Jordyn won over millions.

"The hypnotherapy sessions are focusing on not beating herself up for the way she looks, teaching her to be positive no matter what and spreading those positive vibes as far and wide as she can," the insider explained.