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Khloe Kardashian Shows Off Her POST BABY BODY . . . And Her Butt Is GINORMOUS!!


Khloe Kardashian stepped out publicly for the first time - with her new daughter True. And the paparazzi pics show that she's lost MOST of her baby belly.

But the largest Kardashian still retained the massive butt that came along with her pregnancy.

According to reports, Khloe's butt is now approximately 70 inches around. The size is a result of MULTIPLE surgeries as well as the pregnancy.


It's not clear whether Khloe plans on KEEPING her gigantic cakes, or whether she plans on losing the extra weight.

Here is the first Pic

Here is the second Pic

Here is the third pic

Here is the fourth pic

There have been many media reports about Khloe's estranged boyfriend, Tristan Thompson. You may remember, but days before Khloe gave birth to her baby True, Tristan was caught cheating with MULTIPLE THOTS. They must be working on their relationship because she recently attended a Cleveland Cavaliers game against the Toronto Raptors. 

E! News reports that, "An eyewitness tells E! News, "Khloe was at the game with a group of people. She was cheering, [doing] a lot of clapping, but she never stood to cheer."

"She was watching a lot though, rarely on her phone only to send a text here and there and that was only during time outs," remarked the eyewitness. "She was talking and laughing a lot with the people she was with and she was even interacting a lot with the fans around her."

The lookyloo added, "She had her hair done and red lipstick on. She wore black aviators inside the whole game, only taking them off once to powder her face."

Hopefully Khloe is able to work things out for the sake of their baby daughter.