Khloe Kardashian Got BUTT SURGERY . . . BOOTY Now 60 INCHES!! (Pics . . . Woah)

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The Kardashians are known for getting butt augmentation, but Khloe's latest surgery may have been TOO MUCH. According to online reports, Khloe used "fat transfers" from her pregnancy to expand the size of her butt.

And one online publication is saying that Khloe's butt is now 60 inches, a full FOOT bigger in diameter than her sister Kim's booty.

Khloe unveiled her new cakes last night, and it made jaws drop. 

She and baby father Tristan Thompson went out with Kourtney to attend the makeup launch of younger sister, Kylie Jenner, and Jenner’s pal Jordyn Woods.


Just recently MTO News reported that there was MORE trouble for Khloe and Tristan:

Tristan Thompson has allegedly been caught "creeping" out on Khloe again, according to online reports. Tristan initially went to the club as part of a boys' night out on Wednesday night. But quickly, the boys night out . . . turned into a "thot-fest."

Video cameras filmed Tristan entering a Hollywood nightclub with his entourage, all males.

But when Tristan was spotted leaving the club two hours later, his crew had grown by two. Two pretty White girls exited the club just ahead of Tristan, but they were clearly part of his crew.

An unidentified person could be heard telling the women to 'wait right there' and they stood awkwardly facing a wall, waiting for the 27-year-old professional basketball player to exit the Hollywood, California club.