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Khloe Kardashian got plastic surgery - so that she can look more like one of the women that Tristan Thompson was allegedly cheating with.

A new report from Radar online claims that Khloe is doing everything to keep Tristan - including transforming herself into one of his alleged side chicks.

Here's what they are saying:

KUWTK’ Star Khloe Kardashian looks completely different after undergoing a massive plastic surgery makeover to her face! Find out what doctors tell exclusively she’s had done!

An insider revealed to exclusively Kardashian, 34, is “exploring all kinds of options, from subtle tweaks to her cheekbones and jaw to fillers and implants in her butt and boobs.”

The reality star’s motive behind going under the knife is far from healthy. “It’s all driven to impress Tristan, but a lot of people are saying she’s morphed into one of the club bimbos he cheated on her with, or ‘THOTS’, which is ironic and yet so tragic at the same time.”

Tristan Thompson was caught out creeping with multiple women last year. And he was caught on video getting intimate with at least four women.

But Khloe's been fixated on just one of the women - and the new report claims that Khloe got plastic surgery to transform herself into her; a woman named Tania.

The Daily Mail reported this summer that just hours after the disgraced NBA star welcomed his first daughter with Khloe, Tristan and a young woman named Tania were out together.

The paper claims that Tania and Tristan stayed in Manhattan at the same hotel multiple times over the past few months, dined out together and partied by her side at clubs.

The paper suggested that Tristan and Tania had a relationship together

And here are pics of the alleged side piece Tania:


Here's Khloe and the girl side by side: