Khloe Kardashian 'Bothered' By Fans Criticizing Her Selfies

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Last month, Khloe Kardashian went viral after she posted an image of her ever-changing face -- and fans think she's having plastic surgery to look like her bestie, Malika.

According to a source, the reality television star is bothered by the backlash.

"If you see Khloe in person, you see she doesn't look massively different all of the time so she thinks it's really ridiculous people pick her apart over photos," a source told Hollywood Life. 

According to the source, apps and filters are to blame for her look.

"She uses several different apps and filters and has fun with the photos she takes and posts as do all of her sisters, so she doesn't even think about it [using filters] when she posts. She takes a ton of photos and spends time picking and posting the best one just like any other woman. Khloe isn't one to just sit silent and let people talk about her or her loved ones which is why she speaks up. She's sensitive so it does bother her slightly, but she also knows it's not true. It's a picture and people need to relax."

She did make time to issue a statement on the current state of affairs across the country.